2019 decoration style trends


In the current era of constant innovation and change, people’s requirements for decorative tiles are getting higher and higher, which forces tile manufacturers to accelerate the pace of new product development and continue to introduce new products to adapt to the differences of consumers. need. Five popular trends have appeared in the international ceramic tile market in recent years.

First, the shocking type. This kind of tiles uses a large number of heavy colors, such as gold and black, bright green and purple red. The patterns and colors of each tile are different and amazing, and it is very popular with architects and consumers who pursue individuality.

Second, nostalgic and conservative. This kind of tile is mainly in apricot and light blue tones. The design tends to be the church patterns of the 13th and 14th centuries, the retro clothing patterns of the European courts and the portraits of ancient Greece, etc., from the composition to the color and the color is generous and decent. Customers are mostly conservative in character. They want to follow the rules and will not deviate.

Three, lively and enterprising. This kind of ceramic tile pays great attention to the sense of the times, the pattern is mainly wrinkle, the color is wine red, dark green and dark blue, etc., with a particularly large number of concave and convex lines design, with the indoor light that can adjust the chromaticity, it can produce very Strong three-dimensional effect. Therefore, young people in their 20s and 30s who pay attention to freshness are pleased.

Fourth, gentle feminine type. This kind of tiles are mostly soft pink blue and pink as the main tone, and the pattern is a series of flowers with feather patterns, which are feminine and are favored by mature women, especially middle-aged women.

Fifth, young administrative type. The design of this kind of tiles is more attractive, the color is biased towards soft pink or lighter color series, the book smell is heavier, not very eye-catching, and can match the identity of the young management in their 30s, making them fall in love at first sight.

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