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2021-The Year of the OX

2021-The Year of the OX


2021 – The Year of the OX

CBM Industry is a lovely family. We are having “weiya” together.

At the very beginning of the weiya event , CBM manager Nina, represent the whole company ,had expressed hers thankfulness for employee's hard work over the past 2020,

the year which had a very difficult start because of the coronavirus. more importantly we had gone through it with all CBM team effort,

we elected 5 honored employees who are doing their best in his or hers areas of work.

Except the delicate food. Many different entertaining shows come along with the Weiya banquet. Make small games like, you make gestures ,and i guess etc , 

awarded first prize ,second price and the third prize also, at last ,our company little Envy, the smallest girl in our company who had sing a song named Hao Yunlai 

means Here comes good luck ,leading the our gathering to a high peak. We all had great time together 

In 2021 Chinese New Year festival falls on Feb. 12. It is the Year of the Ox according to the Chinese zodiac, which features a 12-year cycle with each year represented by a specific animal.

Giving Red Envelopes – Best Wishes through Money

It’s been a luck money given by seniors, wrapped in red packets in the hope of dispelling evil spirits from the people. But now it is all about good luck to the commencement 

18th Feb, after 7 days of long holidays of spring festival ,we all back to work and Our leader Nina had prepared red envelopes for everyone.

However, it is not only a red envelops with lucky money but also hers best wishes to everyone at the beginning of the work of the new year.

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