3 major experiences of floor tile house decoration


The processing technology of floor tile paving depends on the hands of the house decoration staff, and the final actual effect of the paving depends on the hands of the interior designer and the owner. Many owners will have their own 'concepts' and think that they can decorate and design beautiful interior space designs based on their own willful views, but they often end up spending money to buy experience. Floor tile house decoration is no longer so difficult.

1. The size of white tiles is too small, so cleaning and cleaning is not so troublesome! In the case of many houses decorating shower rooms, choose White tiles, especially for owners who have 'unique feelings' in white, do not fully consider the specific situation in the selection of white tiles, and choose white floor tiles. Only after the paving, the original white tiles are very easy to get dirty. If you are lazy, Cleaning, subsequent cleaning becomes very difficult. In view of the small size of the white tiles, let alone the color is not durable, the small size means large gaps, these gaps will store a lot of dirt, which is not easy to detect in the daily cleaning, and it will cause it after many years. The sanitary conditions in the shower room have been reduced, threatening everyone's physical condition.

2, black floor tiles are another 'pit'. Many people regret after choosing white tiles, but think that black floor tiles are generally very resistant to dirt. In fact, black floor tiles are durable, but black floor tiles greatly affect the appearance. It is because black floor tiles are very easy to leave marks. When shower rooms are used in daily life, some water marks and dirt will leave marks on the floor tiles, even when people walk on the floor tiles. It will leave a mark, and the appearance of the bathroom decoration is really very bad.

3. Use bumpy floor tiles for non-slip floor tiles? You are so naive! The non-slip performance is another choice for shower room floor tiles Conditions, given that the bathroom shower room is very wet, people will slip and fall without paying attention, so it is the most sensible decision to choose Minmetals non-slip floor tiles. Therefore, some owners choose floor tiles with uneven surface as the wall decoration design. Does it have the practical effect of non-slip? Maybe it is! But you will have to spend more time and money in the future cleaning. energy. It is because the cleaning task of the uneven floor tiles is very difficult when used for a period of time, and it is very easy to hide the dirt. Therefore, if you are not afraid of trouble, choose such floor tiles.

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