3 tips to keep you away from fake and shoddy tiles!


Ceramic tile products are a type of decorative materials commonly used in home decoration because of their rich patterns, diverse varieties, good decorative effects, and properties such as acid resistance, alkali resistance, and abrasion resistance. Therefore, people are very concerned about the quality of the product. Fake and inferior ceramic tile products generally have the following three aspects as a reference when buying ceramic tiles.

(1) There is a large deviation in appearance and size.

For ceramic products such as glazed tiles and floor tiles, there are requirements for the allowable deviation of specifications and dimensions. This is to ensure that the tiles are laid neatly and the seams are neat and the line of the decorative surface is regular. In order to ensure that the decorated wall is straight and avoid unevenness, glazed tiles also meet the requirements of verticality and flatness. Fake and inferior ceramic tile products have large deviations in appearance and specifications, which do not meet the quality requirements of ceramic tile products, and seriously affect the decorative effect and use effect.

(2) Surface low quality.

Ceramic tile products are graded according to their surface quality. If the appearance defects such as pinholes, karst holes, and color difference appear on the surface of the tiles, they will have a serious impact on the decorative effect. Therefore, consumers should first visually observe the appearance quality of the tile products. If there are any above-mentioned problems, they should not buy modified products.

(3) Physical and chemical performance indicators are unqualified.

As ceramic tile products, people pay more attention to their decorative properties (including appearance quality, size deviation, deformation, color difference, etc.), but in order to ensure that the tile products can maintain their For decorative effects, ceramic tile products have certain physical and chemical properties, such as water absorption, acid and alkali resistance, abrasion resistance, rapid cold and heat resistance, and crack resistance. Fake and inferior ceramic tile products may have better appearance quality, but various physical and chemical properties are unqualified. After the user purchases the paving, problems such as cracking and glaze falling will occur soon after use, which seriously affects the use effect and causes a lot of waste. Whether the physical and chemical performance indicators are qualified is also an indicator that people do not pay attention to, and it is easy to get confused. So when buying ceramics, remind everyone to keep your eyes open, and don't let fake and inferior ceramic products enter your home!

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