304 faucet manufacturers-teach you to decorate the angle valve

The angle valve is also called the triangle valve, which is usually used to connect the water pipe and the faucet to adjust the water volume.

The role of angle valve

1. Adjust the water volume to make the faucet water output more suitable for use;

2. In case the faucet needs maintenance, there is no need to cut off the main valve, just close the corresponding angle valve;

How many angle valves are needed?

Which places need to install angle valves in the home decoration process? You need 2 sinks, 2 basins, 2 water heaters, and 1 toilet. Therefore, one bathroom and one kitchen type generally requires 7. Other types can be increased according to this number.

How to choose an angle valve

Generally, there are all-copper angle valves and alloy angle valves, and all-copper has a longer service life. As for the cold water angle valve and the hot water angle valve, the blue and red signs are generally different, which is easy to identify. The materials and workmanship prices are the same.

Ceramic valve cores are generally used to see valve cores. The core of the valve core is the heart of the product. It is firmly closed and the life span depends on it, especially the sealing ring and ceramic discs inside! But generally we can't see it, so we have to try the feel. The feel is too heavy, the switch is uncomfortable, the feel is too light, and it will leak after a long time! Soft touch and longer life

Look at the electroplating gloss, pay attention to the gloss, whether the product is blistered or scratched, the surface of a good product is smooth and shiny, and the hand is smooth and flawless.

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