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4 "evolutionary paths" for hotel providers in the next five years

4 "evolutionary paths" for hotel providers in the next five years


The hotel industry has gone through a hundred years, and the synchronous evolution of the hotel space is the "supplies" - design furnishings, cups and plates utensils, paper and pen spare goods. These objects with more or less sense of existence are integrated into the space and experience of the hotel, and with the passage of time, they become more mature and produce a more contemporary value.

If the "evolution" of the hotel supplies industry in the last five years lies in the grasp of the technology era, then in the next five years, it is bound to explore more new paths in the post-epidemic era of industry changes. In the seventh issue of the special content series, we trace four future trends of hotel suppliers with Spy Spy.

- Go One: Branding

The "2020-2025 Hotel Supplies Industry In-depth Survey and Development Status Trend Forecast Report" by China Research Institute shows that the output value of the hotel supplies industry during 2016-2019 has achieved a leaping of 1.6 trillion to 1.93 trillion, and the market is growing day by day. Contrary to this, many hotel supplies enterprises are currently, Still in the lack of research and development, serious homogenization, lack of characteristics, price competition-oriented in the non-brand dilemma.

Hotel suppliers on the brand, is a road without accident, the era and the market has long laid a good background for it.

On the one hand, the new middle class consumers. In the focus of new consumers, the role of the hotel space is no longer limited to accommodation, but extended to life. The hotel is committed to becoming an "ideal home" for travelers. In the limited space, young travelers want to see the possibility of an ideal home, and the lifestyle conveyed by the hotel supplies is the material bearing of their "real home". Requirements, therefore, the hotel supplies to and corresponds to the concept and style of the hotel, the more refinement, beautification, distinctive products, the more popular to get travellers, and these style products, natural cannot participate in price wars in the hotel supplies, but the integration of function and quality, create the exclusive brand, with higher brand value, the market, hotel and high consumer's mind.

On the other side is the rise of mid - to high-end hotels. Middle-end hotels have moved away from the old concept of "pragmatism", and are now infinitely closer to the way that luxury hotels use hotel supplies -- items with a sense of design and unique style to highlight hotel taste. Take the Italian high-end tableware brand La Tavola as an example. Its products show the pleasing beauty of utensils in terms of humanistic aesthetics and historical temperament, which are beloved by famous hotels such as Four Seasons, Fairmont and Hilton. The Astor Grand Ballroom at the St. Regis Beijing, featuring the "Lucia" series of silver pieces, brings elegance and elegance to the banquet. The simple and elegant design highlights the rare and aristocratic quality.

There is no denying that many hotel supplies do have their "brand", but these brands are more like hastily written names, the lack of connotation behind it, there is no good copy to introduce themselves, more do not have the culture to go through the time. Therefore, only those who have been built through the brand, will their own value in a more orderly expression of hotel supplies, only have to convey their own understanding of the era, for the concept of lifestyle ability, to win The Times.

And when the hotel supplies on the road of branding, will naturally find that the promotion of hotel supplies no longer stops at the traditional participation in the exhibition, more likely, one by one.

Valuable hotel supplies brand, own brand effect: Now a lot of a new generation of consumers, for the hotel scale criterion, often from its products, in addition to the most common bath supplies, even smells sweet atmosphere in detail to the hotel space, space sweet atmosphere (Air aroma), for example, it provides top quality essential oils, power on the peninsula, mandarin Oriental, fairmont hotel brand to create the sense of smell marketing, etc.

What is more, the quality of the brand brought by the "ring breaking force", so that the influence of hotel supplies is no longer limited to the hotel industry, but to become a sense of ritual in consumer life of the brand. It is clear that valuable hotel items are no longer "disposable" consumables, but have become "luxury" items integrated into the hotel space and culture.

- Go two: customization

Today's hotel supplies, often in the texture and experience of deep excavation, secretly fit the rise of the young generation of consumers for the pursuit of personalized. According to Euromonitor's Top 10 Global Consumption Trends Report in 2020, more and more young people are beginning to recognize diversified aesthetics and pursue customized experiences. In the face of these increasingly picky new consumers, the supplier brand for the hotel temperament exclusive customized beauty, is becoming a powerful weapon to occupy a place in the hotel industry.

In addition to the competition for contemporary new customers, the fierce competition in the hotel industry has entered the era of brand value competition from price competition and quality competition. Customized hotel supplies are also an important part of building the brand value of the hotel.

To forge a key brand exclusive tonality, and those that can give us left a deep impression of the hotel brand, in the choice of hotel supplies, necessarily is closely related to the brand temperament, langham hotel, for example, to fit the "langham powder" brand main color, flowers from the room card, lobby, langham service ambassador chanel tweed suit, classic style hotel limousine, Even the tea made by Langham Special Tea is pink. In the continuous emphasis of customized hotel supplies, the brand temperament is deeply recognized by the people.

In addition, hotels in the past may be the same. Today, more professional and standardized hotels, whether economical or mid-end or high-luxury, are all committed to brand upgrading. Under the guidance of brand concept, exclusive brand color, brand identity and brand products are created to walk out of the road of differentiation. Hotel supplies on the basis of maintaining the mainstream market unchanged, continue to introduce new popular elements and concepts in line with the hotel brand, guide the hotel's characteristics of the road to go more smoothly, but also with the help of the hotel's personalized development trend, stimulating the hotel supplies market to professional personalized direction of development.

In the dual demand of consumers and hotels, more and more hotels began the road of "exclusive customization", cooperation with product suppliers and brands, to create a very niche and highlight the style of items, hotel supplies customization trend has become inevitable, now in the market, there are two kinds of customized appearance.

First, product customization. Such as xi rimmon mattress, dreams lily zero pressure, and other products, specifically designed to meet the hotel want to realize the nature of sleep, sweet atmosphere brand PLANTIS advocate natural links with people, nature and emotional links, according to different application scenarios and demand characteristics of the space, the brand will be according to different needs, provide customized services, sweet atmosphere build more closely with customers, And it is exclusive.

One is to tailor a full set of solutions. "Fashion designers in the hospitality industry" such as La Bottega, do more than just offer a single product, but through deep relationships with well-known fashion, design and fragrance brands, the goal is to create a unique personality for each hotel. From hotel accessories to fragrance, La Bottega creates lasting and pleasant memories from sight, smell and touch, with a complete set of tailor-made solutions that complement each hotel environment.

-Go 3: Aestheticization

About hotel aesthetic subject, the secret agent has talked about a lot of space, the future of the hotel as an important urban space, is bound to be updated, together with the city both functional and aesthetic upgrade, and the test for the hotel's own creativity, its not just confined to the experience of innovation, space function superposition, even with the help of the power of the "objects", choose the right hotel good things, It can also inspire the unique creativity of the hotel, and even create a style from a school.

However, "beauty" is after all a very personal perception, what is beauty, specific to each person, is different, how to create a universal beauty, test the hotel's ability to choose things. The problem is that not all relevant staff of the hotel have sufficient art accomplishment, appreciation and evaluation capacity, at this point, you need to suppliers perspectives to take the lead for beauty, in the sense of quality from the excavation of content and essence of beauty, rather than to simply to meet the demand of the hotel - good work, must be close mutual blend of results.

In addition, the era of new business, hotel or supplier, should abandon "expensive is the good" old idea, at the beginning of the hotel industry development, art, beauty is almost exclusive luxury hotel, and the quality in the hospitality industry, high luxury, in the end, economy hotel has its own unique aesthetic path, regardless of the cost of packing is not reality, within the scope of the controllable price, Realization quality changes innovation to become main theme.

Er fly in wood products, for example, focus on the suppliers for the hotel to provide the bamboo and wooden furnishing articles and public area, restaurant items custom, it is because of its for delving into niche, and the famous German industrial design company is a famous design company teamed up with Japan, make it as a bamboo products suppliers, on the aesthetics of the products, have enough voice, Can combine the characteristics of the hotel brand, customized exclusive products. The price of these products, not necessarily very expensive, but must fit with the hotel temperament.

Above mentioned La Bottega also is so, its with "innovation center" of the story for the hospitality industry as the brand mission, for the hotel's "beauty" is not only depend on the brand story and scene images, but in the communication with the hotel, found hidden story, translated into unique shapes, feeling and memory and define the essence of relationship between hotel and guest, To achieve the ultimate goal of beautifying the hotel.

Visible, hotel suppliers aestheticize, not only based on artistic product aesthetics, but also based on their own long-term research for a specific field of products, for the era, the deep understanding of the hotel brand, acting on the hotel space, atmosphere, and ultimately sublimate the beauty of the hotel.

- Go 4: Compatibility of science and technology

On the road of pursuing the aesthetic art of hotel supplies, we are catching up with the big wave of science and technology. What is presented in front of us is the fourth stage of digital hotel industry of "science and technology compatibility". Both hotels and suppliers need to look at the creation of science and technology from a new perspective.

On the one hand, the future of the hospitality industry, and science and technology closely, this is a big trend in the future, rather than a highlight of the hotel, as a result, such as intelligent robot, induction lamp, acoustic TV technology products such as hotel, not as a "glory" of science and technology and the product of the highlights of the hotel, and they should be regarded as the hotel's life in the choice of "essentials".

On the other hand, we don't need to separate technology from aesthetics. Science and technology do not have to be presented in a weird way, nor does aesthetic art have to be presented in a traditional way. On the contrary, art and technology are more closely interdependent than ever before. The unrestrained artistic imagination stimulates more possibilities for science and technology. On the contrary, science and technology also provide the possibility of diverse expression for art. Technology is not a tool to push the physical to the cold, but a weapon to realize the artistic pursuit of human beings.

Based on this perspective, hotel suppliers need to be more ahead of the industry in science and technology cognition, not to such as intelligent robots, voice butler and other "technology terminal products" as gimmickry to make money, but with a sense of science and technology art brand temperament, fragrance hit, into the hotel.

Recently, graffiti has just listed on nyse, is on the application of intelligent, provides the hotel with the pursuit of quality and the advantage of art, it create a IoT of cloud platform, through technology and the integration of IoT equipment, help the hotel quickly realize intelligent, offers a complete set of intelligent solutions, rather than a single item of "small".

To sum up, hotel suppliers and hotels have been together for hundreds of years. Before, the suppliers in our mind were generally separated by traditional suppliers and technological suppliers. In fact, they focused more on the "functionality" and "tool". Any supplier will be a technology manufacturer, aesthetic customization, space service providers. From the traditional to the modern, and co-built with the industry and The Times, the supplier is no longer the "invisible" role in the hotel, but gradually picked up their own sense of presence, and embarked on the road of change in the emerging market and The Times.

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