5 series of Jinman ancient polished tiles


5 series of Minmetals polished tiles

The permeable tile series of Minmetals ceramic polished tiles is a special color material that is applied to the tile surface after the ceramic tile is calcined. It is a patterned permeable brick body. After being fired at high temperature and high pressure, the surface of the brick is polished and polished. The surface looks similar to polished masonry. It has a smooth and smooth texture, good texture, rich colors and patterns, and is also wear-resistant. Anti-fouling, in line with modern people's taste for home decoration.

The characteristic of permeable tiles is mainly imitating natural marble, natural and beautiful, smooth texture, many styles, and affordable. It has the smoothness of polished tiles and the rich colors of glazed tiles. The advantages are integrated, which satisfies the rich patterns of the glazed surface, and also satisfies the people's demand for smooth ceramic tiles.

The texture of the Burati series of China Minmetals Ceramic Polished Tiles is naturally superimposed and has a strong sense of layering, which well embodies the space proposition of fashionable fitness and healthy living. It is a modern family room.
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The ice age series of Minmetals ceramic polished tiles is visually gorgeous, the colors are elegant and layered, the texture is clear, the lines are full, comfortable and pleasing to the eye, the all-ceramic body is fired at high temperature, the texture is hard, the bearing capacity is strong, and the height Corrosion-resistant, the mirror surface is polished many times, clean and bright, the brick surface is rich in patterns and colorful.

The Tulip series of China Minmetals Ceramic Polished Tiles is based on the principle that thousands of jadeite fragments fuse to form rocks during the volcanic eruption. It is manufactured on the basis of continuous improvement and innovative ceramic technology. The pattern is natural and harmonious, the pattern is exquisite, the powder, the pearl particles are three-dimensionally superimposed, forming a cluster of flowers, which shows the texture of natural stone. The texture of the bottom brick is rich in layers, three-dimensional and natural, which makes the tulip series exude a fresh, timeless and solemn temperament. It is simple, flexible and atmospheric. It has the characteristics of abrasion resistance, easy cleaning and high gloss. It is often used in luxurious spaces. The decoration is gorgeous and extraordinary and refined.

The colors of the Tulip series tiles are simple and natural, with fluttering feather patterns light and elegant, without repetitive textures, like a light velvet dance, colorful and shining, with soft and natural textures to create a mellow and natural charm, and spread it out. In the space, it is the gorgeous, extraordinary and refined that modern people pursue.

The colorful red jade series of China Minmetals Ceramic Polished Tiles has luxurious textures and colors, vividly restoring the real stone texture to the surface of the tiles, telling the pursuit of excellence, and summarizing it into a simple, elegant, and enjoyable kind of richness. Romantic sentiment.

The color red jade series ceramic tiles are all-ceramic body after high temperature firing, with hard texture, strong bearing capacity and high corrosion resistance. The surface adopts imported glaze, which has better anti-slip performance. The mirror surface is polished many times, and the mirror effect is close to the mirror surface. Density of stain resistant glaze, strong stain resistance, easy to clean.

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