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8 dry decorations, more than one life

by:CBM     2021-06-22

1. Establish a concept before the decoration. The decorated house is used to live in. Comfort is the first, the second is practicality, and the third is aesthetics.

2. Open cabinets are only suitable for environments with good air and less dust, like the northern weather, where dust falls everywhere, and open cabinets will only increase the pressure of cleaning.

3. The crystal chandelier in the living room can choose to be unnecessary if it is not used, it is not easy to clean, and it is easy to accumulate the corpses of small flying insects. It is enough to choose a general ceiling lamp.

4. The countertop of the cabinet should choose quartz stone countertop, and add a thick wooden board under the countertop of the operation area, otherwise the minced meat will easily attract neighbors.

5. The entrance shoe cabinet must be large in space. As the check-in time increases, there will be more and more shoes. If the shoe cabinet area is small, most shoes will not be available. Place to place.

6. Test the water immediately after the bathroom floor tiles are pasted. If the water flow is slow, it means that the slope of the floor drain is not enough, and it should be reworked immediately.

7. Before installing the socket, draw the design and layout of the socket in advance, and lay out the position of the furniture, so that no furniture will block the socket at that time.

8. Don’t blindly follow the trend and buy things like home appliances and furniture online. Sometimes you can go to a furniture store to bargain for a lot cheaper than online group buying.

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