900*1800mm large size floor tiles


Big is big tolerant, able to meet more and more demand. Big is chic big, interpreting more and more beauty. Big, simple, simple and extraordinary. The large size of 900*1800mm provides more and more opportunities for every home. Large-scale floor tiles, simple and stylish design and decoration, expand and enlarge the indoor space in terms of visual effects, which are more appealing.

Realistic patterns flow freely on the floor tiles, and the jumping white spirit is a gift from nature. As a versatile hue, white gives many possibilities for design and decoration matching methods, and the matching method of bright color homeware gives people a brand new feeling. Meeting guests or working in such an atmospheric indoor space is an extremely comfortable choice. The large area of u200bu200bwhiteness extends the indoor space infinitely in terms of visual effects, and the matching method of log furniture makes the overall indoor space soft and comfortable, full of cultural and artistic style. After years of baptism, this pure white elf came to the world with simplicity and fashion.

Elegance without loss of elegance, atmosphere without loss of harmony, this quiet gray with pure white, creates a mature, stable and elegant atmosphere for the indoor space. 900*1800mm large-size floor tiles are just like a piece of fabric, giving designers more and more creative freedom, cutting out a variety of specifications and shapes at will, which can meet more and more demands.

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