Advantages of glazed tiles


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In this era of innovation, the interior decoration of the hotel is also advancing with the times. Many people are saying that block chain is the next frontier of the Internet. Looking at the hotel, I think that the next outlet of hotel decoration is undoubtedly smart home. With the development of science and technology and the pace of time, people have gone from the pursuit of food and clothing to wealth to material and spiritual enjoyment, environmental protection, nutrition and hygiene, and so on. Demands have increased due to the continuous improvement of human living standards.

Under the trend of historical development, the interior decoration of the hotel is also changing due to the increasing needs of everyone. From the beginning of a simple room, a bed, a bed board, and a quilt, it can be said that everything is available now. Therefore, the interior of the hotel has also evolved from the pursuit of completeness to the pursuit of beauty and function. Because of the development of technology, the concept of smart home was quickly proposed. Hotel amenity suppliers slowly began to use technology to meet their home needs, such as smart toilets, smart bathroom fittings mirrors, smart makeup mirrors, etc. Slowly appear in people's lives. It is an LED bathroom fittings mirror installed in a hotel. In the hotel, in addition to satisfying the spiritual needs of the guests through services, catering, etc., we can also meet the material needs of the guests through some smart home furnishings and decorations, thereby indirectly satisfying the spiritual needs of the guests and improving satisfaction. The biggest advantage of smart home is that it embodies a sense of science fiction, allowing people to experience the living environment different from home, and some multi-functional smart homes can also meet the needs of all lazy cancer compatriots.

1. Glazed tiles have rich color patterns, many specifications, easy cleaning, large selection space, and are suitable for kitchens and bathrooms. Various patterns and patterns can be made on the surface of glazed tiles, which are richer in colors and patterns than polished tiles.

2. The surface strength of glazed tiles will be much greater, and they can be used as both wall and floor. Compared with vitrified tiles, the advantage of glazed tiles is that they are anti-seepage and are not afraid of getting dirty. Most of the glazed tiles have very good slip resistance, and the surface of the glazed tiles can also be burned with various patterns and styles. Although the wear resistance of glazed tiles is slightly worse than that of vitrified tiles, the wear resistance of qualified products can meet the needs of household use.

3. Anti-seepage, seamless splicing, arbitrary shape, very good toughness, basically no breakage.

4. Water absorption: The water absorption of glazed tiles is greater than 10%.

5. The characteristics of resistance to rapid cooling and heating: the resistance to rapid cooling and heating refers to the property that glazed tiles can withstand rapid temperature changes without cracking. The difference between the cold and hot temperature used in the test is 130±2'C.

6. Flexural strength: The average value of the flexural strength of the glazed tile is not less than 16MPa. When the thickness of the tile is greater than or equal to 7.5mm, the flexural strength The average value is not less than 13MPa.

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