CBM Industry Teach you how to identify the pros and cons of antique bricks


How to choose antique tiles? Hotel amenity suppliers suggest when choosing bricks, you must pay attention to the following points:

1. Quality: There are many ways to identify good and bad antique bricks. The most commonly used is to measure water absorption and listen to the sound of percussion. , Scratch the brick surface, take a closer look at the color difference, etc. The simple operation to measure the water absorption rate is to pour water on the back of the tiles. A fast diffusion rate indicates a higher water absorption rate. Therefore, antique tiles are not suitable for use in kitchens and bathrooms. Kitchens and bathrooms are often in a watery state. Only use tiles with a relatively low water absorption rate. A good product makes a crisp sound after being struck by hand, even if a hard object is used to scratch the glaze of the brick, it will not leave a trace, and the color difference of the same batch of bricks is very small, and the gloss texture is consistent.

2. Style: Antique bricks are generally classified by civilization types, including romantic Europe, primitive Africa, mysterious Egypt, ancient Indian style, elegant China, and Babylonian kingdom. Series, the more popular ones are romantic European and elegant Chinese antique tiles.

3. Color: Color determines style and personality, and also represents certain customs. The pattern is also a symbol of civilization. It appears on the antique brick surface and plays a finishing touch on the wall. It also guides people's imagination and feels the classic charm. At present, the popular antique tiles are divided into monochrome tiles and tiles. Monochrome bricks are mainly used for large-area paving, while tiles are used as embellishments for local decoration. Generally, the patterns of tiles are hand-painted, and the surface is glazed, with a sense of fashion in the retro, simple and elegant yet delicate.

4. Matching: The size of the brick is visually, the large brick expands the surface, and the small brick can enrich the small space. In principle, small-sized antique bricks can be used in European classical style. Large-size tiles can be used in modern fashion, small-size tiles can be used in small rooms, and large-size tiles can be used in larger rooms. But nowadays popular trend, many users will choose to decorate with large bricks, most of them like to have a wider view.

Maintenance: Antique tiles also need to be carefully maintained. The matt tile has poor oil resistance. It can be cleaned with a neutral detergent when cleaning, while the glazed tile has no pores. Do not wax in daily maintenance to prevent the tile surface from becoming slippery.

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