The little sentiment follow-up of Jinman ancient tile bathroom


Minmetals ceramic tile bathroom follow-up

4Minmetals tile paving, the unique charm of Shilihuaxiang If you don’t look closely, the wall tiles seem to be nothing special. When you look closer, you can find that there is something inside. The surface of the original tiles All are densely littered with small dark dot patterns, which are shining with a different style when illuminated by the light. The lavender tiles distinguish the washing area, highlighting the natural flavor of the original wood bathroom cabinets. In order to emphasize the lines, the periphery is also decorated with waistline tiles. Next to the main wall, there is another recessed wall. This wall is decorated with ceramic tiles covered with small lavender flowers, which highlights the sense of hierarchy in the space. 5Minmetals tile paving, the unique charm of minimalism

Minimalism is favored in today's fast pace of life. The light beige floor tiles and wall tiles highlight the master's capable life style. There are no complicated patterns and well-designed collage methods, but ordinary methods are used to spread the tiles. After opening, some characteristic tiles were used for decoration in the middle. Simple but not simple, the pure bathroom space will give you a haven.

Hotel amenity suppliers suggest when buying plain tiles, if you want to add some brightly colored tiles to embellish them, you can design the tiled wall first, so that it is easy to estimate the number. You can also cut the paper into a tile size and stick it on the wall. Although it takes time, you can see the effect of the paving, and the measured amount is more accurate. In addition, the purchase of tiles is to buy boxed tiles of the same batch number to avoid different colors.

This issue of bathroom matching is here, what do you think?

Nowadays, the popularity of toilets is becoming wider and wider. Nowadays, toilets are generally purchased and installed at home. Check whether the size of the hotel toilet supplier you bought matches the reserved space in your home.

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