A solid wood framed mirror in a framed mirror

In the classification of mirrors, they can be divided into framed mirrors and frameless mirrors according to the difference between whether they have a frame or not. Mirrors without a frame can be collectively referred to as a frameless mirror, and the next is a frameless vanity mirror or a frameless bathroom mirror. Under the framed mirror, different mirrors can be distinguished according to the different outer frames. For example, a framed mirror with a wood frame is called a solid wood framed mirror, and a framed mirror with a stainless steel frame is called a stainless steel framed cbm mirror. Further down can also be divided into solid wood framed bathroom fittingsmirrors and solid wood framed makeup mirrors, stainless steel framed bathroom fittingsmirrors and stainless steel framed makeup mirrors, etc... The ones on the top are solid wood framed mirrors. After adding a solid wood frame to its mirror, because the thickness of the solid wood frame is larger than that of the mirror, it will be recessed a bit. Generally, framed mirrors are recessed into the frame or on the same horizontal line with the frame, rarely A framed mirror protruding from the mirror. The above article is from CBM. CBM, accompany you smart every day.
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