Advantages and disadvantages of decorating a house in winter


Attention should be paid to the decoration of the house in winter when laying floor tiles:

1. Floor tile floor paving

The first step is to pave the floor of the geothermal floor. According to the staff of a flooring manufacturer, the most important part of the floor installation using the geothermal heating method of central heating by the water circulation system is the correct treatment of the ground before assembly.

When paving the geothermal floor, you should pay attention to the following three points: 1. Use the special glue for the geothermal floor; 2. Do not leave a gap. The indoor air has a low heat transfer coefficient and transfers heat. The efficiency is not very good; 3. In order to avoid the solid wood floor heating up too fast and cracking and bending, it needs to be slowly and continuously heated up for the first time or when it has not been used for a long time. During the whole process of continuous heating, it will be continuously heated every hour. It is more suitable to increase the temperature by about 1 degree; Fourth, use special paper floor mats for geothermal heating, not ordinary foam floor mats, which have slow thermal conductivity and are easy to produce harmful substances, which adversely affect physical and mental health.

On the other hand, when assembling in winter, pay great attention to emptying a reasonable building construction gap. There should be an expansion joint of about 2 mm around the floor tiles, otherwise it is easy to crack in the future. Questions hanging in the air. In the heating season, if you encounter a heater leaking or there is water on the solid wood floor, be sure to wipe it off immediately. Do not expose it to the sun or bake it with an electric furnace to avoid drying too fast and cracking the floor tiles. In order to avoid deformation, the floor tiles on both sides of the wall can be disassembled, and the dampness can be dissipated before assembly.

2, pay great attention to the reasonable ambient temperature

First of all, adjust the indoor temperature. In winter in the Northeast, there is often a sudden and large drop in temperature. This sharp drop in temperature has two major adverse effects on building decoration materials, one is shrinkage, and the other is water content volatilization. Therefore, the indoor temperature must be adjusted well during construction in winter. When the window is closed, it is strictly forbidden to run volatile construction projects, such as painting, etc., to avoid causing symptoms of poisoning.

Secondly, use concrete antifreeze with caution. In winter construction, there is another problem with the use of concrete antifreeze. Concrete antifreeze is used in building decoration, which can harden cement concrete at negative temperature and achieve sufficient cold-proof compressive strength within the required time period. However, the main component of concrete antifreeze is nitrite. If you ingest too much at one time, you will be poisoned. Therefore, in decorating the house in winter, other methods should be used as much as possible to resolve the problem of cold protection.

Do not 'heat' the raw materials. When decorating the house in winter, be very careful not to pile up the interior decoration materials on the heating equipment to avoid deformation caused by uneven heating. Compared with part of wood, sealing paint should be done at an early stage. The sealing paint can not only prevent pollution but also reduce the loss of moisture content. The moisture content of the raw material will have an adverse effect on the performance indicators of the raw material. Too high moisture content will cause deformation problems; and too low moisture content will cause cracks.

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