Advantages of anti-fog bathroom mirrors

1. Anti-fog (1) According to the principle of anti-fog, hotel toiletries suppliersmirrors can be divided into coated anti-fog mirrors and electric heating anti-fog mirrors. (2) The coated anti-fog mirror prevents the formation of the fog layer through the micro-holes of the coating, which is safer but more expensive. 2. When choosing a waterproof bath mirror, you should not only choose an anti-fog bath mirror, but also pay special attention to the waterproofness of the bath cbm mirror. The general waterproof bath mirror is coated with special waterproof material on the back. Installing this kind of bath cbm mirror in the hotel toiletries supplierswill effectively avoid mold growth, cracking, and even the phenomenon of the entire mirror falling off in the gap on the back of the bath mirror (the bath mirror is falling off). It will inevitably cause a lot of hidden safety hazards and should be treated with caution). 3. Anti-rust will not rust easily. CBMLED hotel toiletries suppliersanti-fog mirror, equipped with high-end anti-fog function, high quality, factory service.
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