Anion tiles (anion energy stone)


Negative ion tiles

(Negative ion energy stone)

Negative ion tiles are called 'air vitamins'. Scientific research shows that negative ion tiles have a very important impact on the life activities of the human body and other organisms.

Negative ion tiles can continuously generate negative ions, increase the concentration of negative ions in the indoor air, improve indoor air quality, and enhance human health. Air negative ions have important biological effects. They can directly act on the human's central nervous system and blood circulation, effectively improve brain function, strengthen the body's immunity, promote metabolism, and eliminate human fatigue. The beauty of ecology is the unfettered beauty. The beauty of tiles comes from the magical ecology. The beauty of ecology is condensed between the square inches of the tiles. A leaf mark and a cluster of small flowers are full of ecological atmosphere, just like scraped from the mountains and the wild. Windy, fresh and honest. Let your mind be calm and calm, and bring you back to the ecological living experience. While decorating the interior for you, it creates a safe and healthy space environment.

Negative ion function:

Settling indoor PM2.5 and other floating dust. Purify the air

Antibacterial, anti-virus, effective deodorization and elimination of odors

Decompose harmful gases such as formaldehyde

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Promote metabolism

Activate cells to relieve fatigue

Improve the function of human organs and prolong life

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