Are smart bathroom mirrors waterproof? What practical functions does it have?

In addition to the functions of time display, temperature display, listening to music and so on that we often know, smart bathroom mirrors also have some quite practical functions. This is also the function you need to pay attention to when buying a bathroom mirror. Anti-fog smart bathroom mirrors on the market can all be equipped with anti-fog function, which is also one of the differences between smart bathroom fittingsmirrors and ordinary bathroom mirrors. After the anti-fog function is added, you don’t need to wipe the cbm mirror with a rag every time you take a shower to see clearly, giving you the most authentic version of yourself. Waterproof Generally, as long as the cbm mirror with LED light and touch switch can be called smart bathroom mirror, and this kind of bathroom cbm mirror also has a power supply inside, many people worry that water will get into it. In fact, there is no need to worry. This smart bathroom mirror is waterproof. If you are worried about its waterproofness, I will provide you with one of the simplest and most rude ways to pour it over with a cup of water. The anti-embroid smart bathroom fittingsmirror also has the advantage that it will not rust easily and has a long service life. This also means that you don't have to change the bathroom mirror often because of the rusty surface of the mirror. The above article is from CBM. CBM, accompany you smart every day.
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