Are you sure you still want to buy cheap bricks?


Someone asked: There are many super cheap bricks on the market, some are incredibly cheap? After buying these cheap bricks, what will happen after use?

So, why are these bricks cheap? The reasons are as follows:

1 Factory normal special promotion

This kind of situation is very rare. It is impossible for a general factory or business to sell at a low cost without considering the cost. If you encounter it, it is equivalent to a jackpot!

Purchase risk:

There is no risk, but such opportunities are rare. Because merchants want to talk about profit, it is impossible to sell bricks by stubbing money. As the saying goes: Some people do the business of beheading, but no one does it!

2 Processing of obsolete products

This brick will be eliminated, and the merchant will not sell it when it is ready to sell it. At this time, it will be sold at a low price regardless of the cost.

Purchase risk:

The product is no problem, but the stock is limited. If the quantity is not calculated correctly, replenishment will be troublesome.

3 Project tailings processing

This brick is a custom-engineered brick. The project has been completed and there are some surpluses that cannot be sold as normal products, so they will be sold at a lower price.

Purchase risk:

General engineering brick surplus, the quantity is limited, the replenishment may not be able to replenish the goods;

4 Defective or qualified products processing

In the national standard, there are only qualified products and unqualified products, but in the actual operation process, manufacturers will still be divided into: high-quality products, inferior products, qualified products, waste products (unqualified) and other levels. What is normally sold in the market is high-quality products, but different manufacturers have different inspection standards for inferior and qualified products, and the quality is good or bad. Common problems: poor flatness, surface pinholes, impurities, many (or obvious) black spots, etc.

Purchase risk:

If you just want to be cheap, and can accept that the brick has defects, then it doesn't matter;

5 Downgrade product processing

The so-called degraded product means that the factory is classified as high-quality product during inspection. All packaging is high-quality packaging, but the batch of bricks found problems during the sales process. These problems are generally very hidden and can be seen by the naked eye. If it doesn't come out, some instruments can't even detect it. For example, the brick is too brittle, the antifouling property is too poor, the antifouling on the edge of the polished brick is not in place, the radioactivity exceeds the standard, and so on.

Purchase risk:

This type of brick is not like pinholes, black spots, and flatness that can sometimes be seen with the naked eye. These problems are only discovered slowly during use. These problems are very hidden and have a great impact on subsequent use. If there is any problem, when you need to find a merchant or manufacturer to solve it, you will not be able to get a satisfactory solution because it is dealing with bricks.

Minmetals Summary

Everyone knows the truth about what you pay for. There is no such thing as good prices and cheap things in the world. If anything is too cheap, there must be a reason behind it. On the surface, these bricks are very cheap when they are bought, but if there are problems later, more time will be invested in dealing with these problems. When the time comes, I found that I didn’t get it. What cheap.

Editor's reminder: If anything is too cheap, there must be a reason behind it. For these cheap bricks, do you still want to buy it!

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