Basic overview of wall tiles


Different rooms are suitable for different wall tiles, and the selection is based on the structure, shape and area of u200bu200bthe room, as well as the quality of indoor lighting. According to the specifications, there are 200mm×300mm, 200mm×280mm, 200mm×260mm, 250mm×250mm......

As a kind of ceramic tiles, exterior wall tiles have strong functions. It does not absorb dirt, it will not deteriorate after long-term use, and it has strong resistance to acid rain. Compared with other exterior wall materials, exterior wall bricks are inherently more pollution-resistant building materials. Such as: almost no water absorption, no dirt absorption; firing at a high temperature above 1000 ℃, will not be damaged; strong acid and alkali resistance, even if acid rain is not affected. But affected by the state of use, the exterior wall tiles will also be dirty. According to the survey data of INAX's anti-fouling research on external wall tiles, almost all the dirt generated by exhaust gas, soot, sand and dust, most of the dirt accumulation parts are mainly around the window frame. Black spots are particularly eye-catching.

The water absorption rate of interior wall tiles is relatively high, and the chromatic aberration occurs after water absorption. Generally, the chromatic aberration will be eliminated after the wall is dry. The exterior wall tiles have been tested for acid and alkali resistance. They can only be delivered after being immersed in a 10% acid and alkali solution without changing their color. Generally, bleaching agents are added to swimming pools, which have very low acidity and alkalinity and will not corrode the tiles.

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