Bathroom hardware pendant, what material is good for bathroom hardware

Which material is good for bathroom hardware fittings? An introduction to four materials for bathroom fittings. Although bathroom accessories are only the tip of the iceberg for the entire bathroom space, they do have a finishing touch to create the atmosphere of the bathroom. Therefore, accessories that are creative, simple and generous, elegant in quality, and compatible with the overall bathroom are favored by consumers. 'Experts said. With the continuous deepening of the concept of 'making a detailed bathroomStainless steel, baking varnish, chrome plating, etc., allow our consumers to choose more space. The following editor will give a comprehensive introduction to the four common materials of bathroom accessories!

1. Stainless steel: fashionable style, exquisite and fresh. Nowadays, Jiangmen home furnishings are increasingly pursuing the fashionable style of bathroom. On the basis of grasping the 'big piecesAccording to reports, stainless steel accessories lead the modern fashion style, while retaining their own unique taste and freshness, which suits the mentality of young people who pursue fashion.

Understand that pure stainless steel accessories are rare in the Jiangmen market at present, and consumers are best to go to the brand sanitary ware store to buy. In some building materials stores, many products that look similar to pure stainless steel accessories are actually copper or stainless steel accessories with chrome-plated surfaces. However, after careful discrimination, consumers will find that stainless steel accessories that have only been polished have a darker color than chrome-plated accessories.

2. Baking paint: easy and elegant, easy to clean. When purchasing bathroom accessories, some consumers prefer the durability of metal, but hate its indifferent appearance. Experts have introduced that sanitary fittings with copper or other durable metals on the inside and painted surface treatment are probably suitable for this kind of more 'picky' consumers. Moreover, since the sewage is easy to splash on various bathroom accessories during bathing, it takes time to scrub, so it is recommended that you choose easy-to-clean paint accessories for your bathroom. Just wipe gently with clean water, and will never leave water marks.

3. Others: modern and traditional, refreshing. According to experts, in addition to common metal materials, there are some non-mainstream materials on the market, such as ceramics, frosted glass, solid wood and other materials. Color, shape, etc. have all played the icing on the cake. Therefore, when purchasing bathroom accessories, we must see whether it is consistent with the design style of the bathroom or even the entire home. In addition, due to the different materials used, the price of the products varies greatly. Consumers should also consider their own affordability and living habits when purchasing.

When purchasing, consumers must figure out whether the basic material of the accessories is copper chrome plating or stainless steel chrome plating, because the two are only in appearance, and there is not much difference. Generally speaking, copper chrome plating is more expensive than stainless steel plating products, and it is more durable than stainless steel chrome plating.

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