Bathroom mirror installation skills shared bathroom practical and beautiful

The bathroom mirror plays a role in the bathroom to facilitate our freshening up, and is an indispensable part of the bathroom. mirrors have a variety of appearances, such as square, oval, egg round, etc., or a single whole, mirror edging, mirror carving, exquisite and practical, or as a part of the bathroom cabinet, combined with the mirror lamp and the bathroom cabinet to create a unified space. For the installation of bathroom mirrors, most families install them in ordinary styles. There are many installation techniques for bathroom mirrors. It not only brings people a good mood, but also allows you to have a unique bathroom and improve the whole The beauty of the bathroom space. Many people install the bathroom mirror on the cabinet door when installing the bathroom mirror. Many shelves can be hidden behind the mirror, and some daily bathroom and daily necessities can be placed, such as skin care products and toiletries. Wait, it can greatly enhance the storage space of the bathroom. Since the space of the bathroom is relatively small, many daily necessities are the only daily necessities placed outside, which will make the bathroom fittingslook very messy. The installation of such a bathroom cbm mirror can be effective Organize the bathroom space to make it look neater. The bathroom mirror can also be used as a partition screen in the shower room. Installing a louver-like folding mirror can add a lot of color to the space. In fact, interesting creativity comes from the details of life. You can consider matching gray walls with black furniture, lighting up the space with white sanitary ware, and adding the magic of mirrors to create a dark bathroom with a unique charm. Although there are many ways to install bathroom mirrors, you need to be careful not to move or remove them at will during installation, let alone hit the mirror with objects to avoid breaking and hurting people; floor-standing bathroom fittingsmirrors can be moved, but they need to be completed by multiple people. And the installation angle is the same as before moving, do not let children approach or push or pull the floor mirror alone. Therefore, the setting plan must be made in advance before the bathroom mirror, so as not to change the environment of the bathroom fittingsspace afterwards. When installing the bathroom mirror, you need to drill holes on the wall first. When drilling holes, you need to pay attention to whether there are tiles on the wall. If there are tiles, you can’t use electric drills to drill holes, but you need to use rhinestones, otherwise it will cause the tiles to break and other problems. , After the hole is drilled, it is necessary to drive the expansion bolt into it and fix it, and then use screws to fix the bathroom mirror. Many people also use glass mirrors to firmly fix the bathroom mirror when installing the bathroom mirror. , This can effectively prevent the bathroom mirror from falling due to rusty screws and other problems.
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