Bathroom smart touch mirror

The full name of the touch mirror is called the smart cbm mirror with touch switch, and it has many names, such as touch switch mirror, LED light touch cbm mirror and so on. Its characteristic is to turn on the light by touching the switch on the mirror surface, so that the cbm mirror is bright, and touching the switch on the mirror surface again can turn off the light. As shown in the picture above, the circle in this mirror is the touch switch, and the picture above is the effect after turning on the light. This kind of smart touch mirror is mainly used in hotels and home bathrooms, so it is often called a smart bathroom mirror. In addition to the simple mirror touch switch, there are many types of touch mirrors, such as music bathroom mirrors that turn on the music function by touching the Bluetooth button, defogging bathroom mirrors that touch the defogging button to achieve the defogging effect, and so on. The above article is from CBM. CBM smart bathroom mirror, accompany you smart every day. Want to know more about smart bathroom fittingsmirrors.
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