Bathroom tiles cannot be randomly selected! Anti-slip and waterproof


Choosing a good ceramic tile is half of the decoration of a bathroom.

The bathroom is a place where it will be damp and impregnated for a long time. What ceramic tile should be used?

Choose tiles with low water absorption rate

Generally speaking, high-quality tiles have a low water absorption rate, so that they can be kept dry quickly.

If the tile does not indicate the water absorption rate, you can use tea or water droplets on the back of the tile, and observe the spread of the water droplets after a few minutes.

The less water is absorbed, the lower the water absorption/better quality.

The tiles with high water absorption rate will easily cause the surface of the tiles to crack and the whole wall and floor tiles to peel off after heat expansion and contraction.

To decorate the toilets in the north, you need to pay more attention to this issue.

Choose high-density tiles

When purchasing bathroom tiles, you can observe from the side whether the tile surface is flat and whether there are pinholes of uneven thickness.

You can tap the tiles to hear whether the sound is crisp.

The crisper the sound, the higher the density/hardness of the tile.

Use non-slip tiles

The reason is simple: non-slip.

In general, facing the humid environment of the bathroom, we should pay attention to the non-slip and waterproof properties of the tiles when choosing the bathroom floor tiles, so that after using for a long time, we can avoid some of the above problems as much as possible.

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