Bathroom waterproof LED light mirror

In daily bathroom fittingsuse, we always need to use light, especially when bathing and washing at night, it will be dark if you don't turn on the light, and you can't see anything at all. And some families put the switch control and the socket together, and the hand just after the shower turns off the switch subconsciously. As a result, because the hand is still carrying water, accidentally touching the socket will cause an electric shock. Taking into account the occurrence of this situation, the LED waterproof light cbm mirror was launched on the market. This kind of cbm mirror has the LED light strip and waterproof function, and uses a separate power structure to cut off the possibility of electric shock. By touching the touch switch on the LED light mirror, you can easily turn on the LED light in the bathroom fittingslight mirror. In order to avoid the possibility of water ingress into the power supply, the back of this LED light mirror is added with a moisture-proof backplane or a waterproof box to protect the power supply. The light strip on the CBM LED light mirror also uses a 5050 waterproof light strip, which can be better Provide you with waterproof protection measures on the LED light mirror. In addition, the LED light cbm mirror can also customize Bluetooth music, time and temperature display, anti-fog, magnifying glass and other functions.
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