Be cautious when choosing bathroom mirrors, five details to help you

The mirror is a necessity in the bathroom, and the requirements of the bathroom mirror are different from ordinary mirrors. How to choose a suitable cbm mirror? When choosing a bathroom fittingsmirror, you should be cautious. Five details to help you see the appearance. You should observe the cbm mirror from the front, side, and back. Generally, when you look at the mirror, you only pay attention to the direct image of yourself in the mirror. Pay attention to the straight objects in the mirror. Industry insiders suggest that you can move the line of sight slightly. If the straight objects are not bent or deformed, this is a good-quality mirror. Second, look at the style to choose the matching style of the mirror according to the overall style of the bathroom, and the two styles should be consistent. For example, some oval mirrors are more suitable for European style, square mirrors are more suitable for Chinese style and so on. Third, look at the waterproof and rust-proof function of ordinary mirrors, if they are placed in a relatively humid place for a long time, they will become dim, and even rust and fall off. Therefore, when choosing a bathroom fittingsmirror, we must pay more attention to the waterproof and rust-proof function of the mirror. You can usually watch the portrait in the mirror at close range. Move your sight up and down or left and right to see if the object is bent or deformed, so that you can tell whether the mirror is good or bad. The anti-fog function in the bathroom fittingswill produce a lot of fog after taking a shower, causing the mirror surface to become blurred. Customized anti-fog film is generally used in the market. This is a translucent polyester film that can generate heat after power on. It is attached to the back of the bath mirror before use. It is required to be as flat as possible to facilitate use. Fifth, the bathroom with storage function generally has a relatively small space. Therefore, when choosing a bathroom, you should consider other auxiliary functions while considering its beauty. For example, some mirrors with storage function are a good choice, which can make up for the lack of bathroom space. Great use of mirrors.
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