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Birthday Party

Birthday Party


Birthday of Dandan in 20th Feb.2020

We are part of the enterprise who start working in the very beginning of the special epidemic period, so we celebrate this very special birthday for dandan, the operation manager of CBM team, (the one who is holding flower in her hand). everybody is wearing a mask, but still you can see the smile on everyone’ s face.

May 20th, 2020 Birthday of Jiujiu.

May 20th, the number is 520. Chinese mandarin represent “ I LOVE YOU” ,It coincident that it’s our colleague,Jiujiu’s birthday ,so we had a wonderful lunch together for take-out pizza hut in our office and taking photos together.

Taking a photo on some one’s birthday is our company’s tradition.

CBM owns a professional team group. We have sales department, VIP service department, Operation department, Sourcing department, Quality inspection department, finance department, etc. Departments working together to provide customers with comprehensive integrated solutions for various types of building materials. A person can go fast, a group can go far, we are a big family, we enjoy working, we encourage each other in hard time.


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