Can smart locks be installed on fire doors?

Can smart locks be installed on fire doors?

According to national regulations, if there is no fire isolation zone for all residential buildings above six floors, the entrance doors need to be fire doors, so it is normal to say that the entrance doors are fire doors. Both imported entrance doors and domestic entrance doors can be installed.

Generally, the current installation of smart locks is divided into two types, the installation with a replacement lock body and the installation without a replacement lock body.

1. The installation method of replacing the lock body generally requires re-opening the door frame. If the opening is unreasonable, there will be a gap between the door frame and the door leaf and airtightness problems will occur.

2. I think it is the most reasonable way to install smart locks without replacing the lock body. Only by replacing the handle, there will be no problems with the airtightness and overall structure of the door.

Is it safe after installation?

Is it safe to fire?

The most important thing about fire resistance is that the seal is strong enough. The fireproof rubber strip of the fire door has the characteristic of expanding in case of fire, which can effectively form an effective barrier after encountering a fire. Fire and smoke barrier, the other is whether the smart lock has an emergency and quick mechanical unlocking design. Generally speaking, smart lock manufacturers can meet these conditions, but replacing the smart lock of the lock body during the installation phase tests the proficiency of the installer. If the airtightness is not strong after installation, the fire resistance will be compromised, causing potential hidden dangers.

2. Is it safe to guard against theft?

The main difference between fire doors and anti-theft doors is the difference in fillers and the fact that fire doors do not have anti-pry rods and side lock points. Now thieves rarely steal by prying the door, so it is anti-theft Basically no difference. Because the smart lock does not need to carry the key with you, there is no case that the key is stolen or lost. Therefore, I think the safety of installing the smart lock during daily use is improved.

When choosing a fingerprint lock, pay attention to the type of fingerprint head. It is recommended to choose a semiconductor biometric fingerprint head. Such a fingerprint recognition head is not easy to be stolen by the fingerprint film, while an optical fingerprint head is easy to have this Hidden dangers. It is also very simple to distinguish between optics and semiconductors. Optical fingerprint heads are glass-like and transmit light through the glass, while semiconductors are in solid black form.

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