Can the pattern on the mirror surface be customized for LED mirrors?

In the current LED mirrors, more and more functions are supported for customization, ranging from the size of the mirror, the color and shape of the light strip; the radius of the touch switch of the mirror, the magnification of the magnifying glass with a magnifying glass, or on the mirror surface Engraving is all right. And so many custom elements also include the pattern customization function on the mirror surface. Generally, complex customized LED mirrors are mostly star-rated hotels or villas, and customized mirrors can better meet individual needs. When it comes to patterns on the mirror surface, there are actually many kinds of patterns, such as LED mirrors with bubble patterns on the surface. If you want to be romantic, you can also choose to have a heart-shaped pattern on the surface of the LED mirror. If you like the starry sky, you can also choose an LED cbm mirror with a star pattern. The patterns that can be added on the LED mirror can be varied. If you are interested, you can contact the manufacturer or make a simple CAD drawing for customization.
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