Causes of water leakage in the shower room and solutions

1. What are the reasons for the leakage of the shower room? 1. The leakage of the hotel toiletries suppliers mainly occurs in its own product design. The ordinary shower room has a waterproof design function, but after long-term use, the water-resistant rubber strip will age, and the bottom and corners will leak. 2, But there are some low-end shower room manufacturers, and there is no waterproof design. This kind of shower room often leaks. 3. When the installation is incorrect, the stone foundation is damaged or the water retaining strip is not installed in place, or the floor drain is blocked, and there is too much water in the shower room. 4 The hot and cold water pipes in the shower are damaged and leaking. 2. How to solve the water leakage in the shower room? First of all, pay attention to the waterproof tape and waterproof substrate of the ordinary shower room. This has an inevitable relationship with whether the ordinary shower room will leak, because the glue strip of the ordinary shower room is best to be a whole. If there is a connector, please pay attention to whether it is disconnected. Some ordinary shower rooms can't handle the waterproof rubber strips well, and some even make the glass directly contact the stone, which causes the glass to be fragile and leak. Secondly, it is necessary to check whether the floor drain is smooth, easy to clean and clogged, otherwise the shower will become a 'sink'. Regarding the problem of stagnant water in the ordinary hotel toiletries suppliers: the drainage groove is processed on the floor of the ordinary shower room, the drainage groove is formed around the center, and the water channel is guided in the center, but there will be no stagnant water. The above is all the content shared by CBM.
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