Choose a sitting squat toilet? Understand and you won't be pitted

When decorating a toilet, should I choose a squatting pan or a hotel toilet supplier? Many people have difficulty in choosing. Although sitting toilets are convenient, they always feel that squatting toilets are healthier. Although squatting toilets are healthier but uncomfortable. Today let us compare the performance of these two sanitary wares and see how you would choose them. If there are elderly and children at home, most people tend to choose a sitting toilet due to safety issues, but many people choose a squat toilet. Today we compare the toilets of sanitary products from four aspects. First of all, from the perspective of hygiene, the sitting toilet has direct contact with the human body, and many people will put on a toilet seat. In fact, it is easier to breed bacteria, and hygiene problems are not guaranteed; and the squatting toilet does not directly contact the human body, so you don’t need to Worried about hygiene. Second, in terms of price, the squat toilet has a single style and is simple to make, so the price is cheaper. The sitting toilet is larger than the squat toilet, has a variety of styles, and has more functions than the squat toilet, so the price is relatively high. The third aspect is that in terms of function, the squat toilet has a single style and a single function, but the sitting toilet has a variety of styles and functions, and some will add massage, scrubbing and other functions. Therefore, from the perspective of functionality, the sitting toilet is even better. The fourth aspect is practicality. Squatting on the squatting toilet will numb our nerves for a long time, and will feel dizzy when we stand up. Sitting on the toilet releases our feet and makes our bowel movements more comfortable. And the squat toilet costs more water than the sitting hotel toilet supplier, so the sitting toilet is better than the squat toilet in terms of practicality. The above is the comparison of the pros and cons of the squatting and sitting toilets that I have shared with you, as well as several recommended squatting toilets and toilets. After reading these two toilets, you can learn more about these two toilets, and you can get better Make a selection.
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