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In this new era, ceramic tiles are basically an indispensable raw material for house decoration. Floor tile decoration is like a person's interior to a new house. The outer clothes and pants can be changed frequently, but the interior is often accompanied by this life, wanting to last longer. Therefore, it is not only to look good, but also to be durable. As a rational consumer, the most important thing for our consumption is to live within our means, so we must prefer to choose floor tiles with higher cost performance!

So, what kind of floor tiles Can it be considered a cost-effective floor tile?

1. Look at the appearance: look at the gloss uniformity of the floor tile, the smoothness and flatness of the surface layer should also be good, the four corners are standard, and the pattern is complete. Take three or four pieces from a box and observe whether there are any blemishes such as color difference, scratches, spots, missed throw, missed abrasion, broken edges, missing feet, etc.

2. Water drip test: You can put water droplets on the back of the floor tile to see the speed of infiltration after the water disperses. Normally, the slower the moisture absorption, the greater the density of the floor tile. On the other hand, the moisture absorption The faster it is, it indicates that the density is sparse, and the quality of the product is better than the previous one.

3. Ruler: The higher the tile circumference, the better the actual effect after paving. Buying high-quality floor tiles is not only very easy for decoration and construction, but also saves construction time and auxiliary materials. Use a tape measure to measure the four corners of each floor tile to see if there is a difference in the four corners of the floor tile.

Four. Listen to the sound: tap the floor tiles lightly. If the sound is crisp and pleasant, it means that the higher the degree of porcelainization of the floor tiles, the better the product quality. If the sound is dull, then It shows that the degree of ceramic tiles is low.

Fifth, observe its hardness standards: floor tiles are excellent products with good hardness, strong ductility, and not easy to break. Use the tiles of the water chestnuts to scratch each other, and observe whether the broken pieces are fine or loose, hard, brittle, or too soft, scratched, or scattered powder. The first one is a superior product. The latter is of poor quality.

Six. Randomly select multiple products in different packages within the same model specification and the same color number range and try to shop on the ground, walk to 3 meters to check the appearance to see if there is any obvious difference in product color , Whether the gap between brick and brick is vertical and whether the chamfer is even.

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