Common Polishing Tile Pasting Method


1. Generally, we will try to shop on the ground before paving. After using the same color number and nearest size, we can use the adjacent color number and size, and use the vitrified fossils with different color numbers and sizes. Divide the categories, and then mark the numbers at the bottom of the bricks. If there are patterns or directional patterns on the brick surface, the product should be laid as shown in the figure for better decorative effect.

2, there is another important thing to do before paving, that is, spray some water on the surface, and then mix the mud and sand in a ratio of 1:3 Mix it into a mortar, use a wooden ruler about one meter long to make a base, smooth the mortar, and then connect to the lofting line. Then sprinkle cement powder on the construction floor, mix the cement powder evenly, and sprinkle a small amount of cement powder again to increase the adhesion with the cement slurry.

3. When laying polished tiles, 1-2mm mortar joints should be reserved according to the actual situation to prevent the adhesion and the wall and floor tiles from being separated due to inconsistent expansion and contraction coefficients. phenomenon. The paving should be carried out after the base is solidified. When paving the product, gently push and put to balance the bottom of the brick and the veneer to facilitate the discharge of air bubbles. Then tap the brick surface with a hammer to make the bottom of the brick eat grout so as to avoid voids. Drum phenomenon. Then use a wooden hammer to hit the brick surface until it is level; at the same time, measure with a level to ensure that the tiles are laid horizontally.

4. One hour after the product is laid, we can hit the brick surface with a wooden hammer to check whether the floor tiles have empty drums. If the sound of 'empty' is heard after striking I tried to re-pave the floor tiles, and I could walk on it 24 hours after all the tiles were pasted.

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