Common precautions for buying floor tiles


The decoration of the living room is a very important place for everyone to entertain relatives and friends. It is also a place that has more contact. If there is no comfortable living room decoration, it will not stand out for entertaining friends and relatives. A sense of intimacy does not highlight the friendship of hospitality and hospitality, and the floor tiles used in the decoration of the living room also need to be purchased accordingly; a part of the floor tiles that can highlight the host’s noble atmosphere is sifted out; here it is OK. Try to distinguish this brick by looking. This is because it is possible to distinguish the quality of the surface layer of the floor tiles, and no matter what kind of things it needs to be judged by the eyes of the eyes. The pros and cons of floor tiles are also distinguished by eyes (see: appearance design, no discoloration, no deformation, lack of water chestnut defects.)

The bedroom is often used by everyone to enter. The place is also a rest room with closed eyes. If you don't sleep well, you can't analyze the problems with energy, and if you don't sleep well, you can't always maintain a clear brain. To handle everything correctly. For this reason, the bedroom is a place for people to maintain their health and self-cultivation. Therefore, the floor tiles of the bedroom also need to be purchased one by one. Satisfactory floor tiles were sifted out from it. Let the bedroom highlight the comfort, ease and comfort. But choosing floor tiles also requires a small skill, and it is also one of the small tricks. This is because it can also determine the pros and cons of the floor tiles. (Take: try to feel the touch, how the quality of the product is, and the relative density. Under what circumstances should the corresponding sinking degree be achieved?)

The shower room is often used by everyone, and it is also a place for everyone to clean up. This is because it is frequently used with Dealing with water. For this reason, floor tiles are very particular about this aspect, the floor tiles purchased should mainly include the anti-slip effect. At the same time, you can ensure your own safety. For this reason, everyone is also looking for floor tiles through seeing and hearing (listen: floor tiles with metallic luster and strong sound and longer echo when hitting floor tiles are better)

The cabinet is your daily life Kitchen utensils and cooking areas also belong to areas that are more greasy and cluttered on the tabletop. This is because clutter can make you feel bad. In the case of greasy feeling, the problem of less safety often appears. There will often be personal behaviors of slipping and breaking things. For this reason, I would rather choose more than one to find suitable floor tiles for the cabinet, and it is impossible to pave the floor tiles with corresponding risk factors for the cabinet. You can also choose some relatively dark and bright floor tiles, or you can choose Floor tiles with various patterns always maintain the same practical effect of floor tiles. Only when you have a tidy cabinet can you have a happy mood for cooking. (Spelling: depending on the size of the four pieces of inspection, the flatness of the floor tiles, and the straightness of the three problems in this area)

Therefore, the precautions for choosing floor tiles are everyone’s Consider the problem, if you can't find a suitable floor tile. And the problem of where they should be laid will be a problem that everyone is very annoying. Maybe everyone says that house decoration is a major issue. Therefore, this relatively small problem cannot be ignored. Everyone attaches great importance to it and chooses tiles to pass. Everyone carefully chooses the type that they are relatively interested in before they can produce satisfactory results. The beauty of a person depends on his own visual effect, and the actions of a person depend on his own work ability. All the receipts of the products are the contribution of everyone, so everyone must understand the professional knowledge of ceramic tile classification, so that it is not easy to live in harmony and warmth, unhappy, and have a warm family life.

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