Custom bathroom mirrors over one meter, the new trend of home smart bathroom mirrors

Recently, more and more people like to customize large-scale bathroom mirrors. In addition to expanding the sense of space better, the large-scale home smart bathroom mirrors also have a bright effect with the light strip function of the mirror itself. This kind of large bathroom fittingsmirror can also play a decorative role, matching with a large bathroom cabinet can make the space look less empty. Generally, a bathroom cbm mirror of more than one meter can be considered as a large bathroom mirror. This kind of mirror will be relatively heavier due to its larger size. When installing it, 2 to 4 people are required to assemble it. If you need to put it on the ground, you need to put the cbm mirror face up on the carton; when installing, be careful not to let the bottom of the mirror touch the bathroom cabinet or the like. If you need to put it on the bathroom cabinet, you should also add protective measures such as foam. Among the large custom bathroom mirrors, bathroom mirrors of 1 meter to 1.6 meters are usually the most, and bathroom mirrors of 2 meters or more are rare. This kind of mirror is too large to make, and it is not easy to transport. . The later maintenance of large bathroom fittingsmirrors is similar to that of other bathroom mirrors, mainly wiped with dry cloth; the mirror itself is also waterproof and electric shockproof, so there is no need to worry about electric shock caused by wet hands touching the mirror switch. This smart bathroom fittingsmirror is also suitable for families with children.
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