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Minmetals gives you a small match: several common decoration design styles in the decoration, we can match you with different styles of home furnishings.

1. French romantic design style

French style, exquisite exquisiteness, exquisiteness is often reflected in the details. Soft and light curves, complicated and detailed carvings, and magnificent splendor are all important elements. In the color matching of the overall space, choose relatively low-key colors. It can create an elegant and romantic space atmosphere; it can also appropriately show the exquisiteness and decoration of various furnishings. The French style also pays attention to a sense of return to nature, giving people a strong rural atmosphere.

The ceramic tiles can be made of vitrified tiles or polished tiles. The color of the tiles is simple and unobtrusive as the main color, which retains the simplicity of the main space and also creates an elegant atmosphere.

2, modern fashion design style

The characteristics are concise and lively, practical and generous. Because the life philosophy of 'minimalism' is universal in today's popular culture. Modern minimalist style emphasizes function first, and form obeys function. It is required to create novel and simple decorations, and the design is closer to people's lives. The choice of floor tiles can be monochromatic, simple and neat with small straight patterns, or stylish and avant-garde designs with obvious traces of artificial design.

In a modern and simple home space, the choice of floor or wall materials should reflect the beauty of simplicity. Among marble tile products, rainbow wood grain, pearl white, Laurent black, etc. can present a simple but not simple modern style.

Of course, marble tiles with natural texture and rich colors can also create different styles of space through different combinations, and the effect is also leveraged!

3, simple European style

The Jane European style combines nostalgic romantic feelings with modern people's needs for life, and is compatible with luxury, elegance and modern fashion. The simple European style is not only luxurious and atmospheric, but also cozy and romantic. It becomes more harmonious through the curve and the details of the refinement.

Luxurious and atmospheric marble tiles are also very suitable for European style collocation, because its texture patterns are very good choices for European style.

4, American pastoral style

The American pastoral style is relatively concise, advocating freedom, and has a simple and natural, returning to the original feeling, reflecting the vicissitudes of nature and the ancient texture. In addition, it pays more attention to the color of the entire space, which is elegant. Let the space return to nature, combined with modern style elements to create, the atmosphere, fashion with natural innocence.

The bathroom is matched with antique small-size floor tiles, with emphasis on the use of local small strips. Make the whole space a lot more idyllic. Small floral wallpaper and small paintings are used in the bedroom.

5, black and white with style

The black and white design is either exaggerated or simple. Under the mutual radiance of black and white, the pursuit of unconventional space deconstruction, bold use of contrasting colors, a well-designed and well-decorated kitchen will make you more relaxed and happy.

The white and black style is dominated by classic white and black. The freehand patterns and geometric texture tiles soften the blunt expression of the room. It is worth noting that when decorating the room, the use of black grasps a scale, too much dark color will make people feel depressed. With a few orange-red cushions or a small area of u200bu200bred decoration, the cold and serious atmosphere in the room will be eased.

6. New Chinese style

Modern Chinese style makes classical elements more concise, atmospheric and fashionable. Let modern home decoration have more Chinese cultural charm and reflect the unique charm of Chinese traditional home culture. The ceramic tiles are mainly matched with dark antique bricks.

It is recommended to use beige antique bricks for the background wall, better with concave-convex texture. Warm color series antique tiles can be used in the bathroom.

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