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Demeanor of chromatic aberration! Do you like it?

by:CBM     2021-06-12

Chromatic aberration is indeed a quality accident in many cases. But have you ever thought that there is a color difference for this reason, but it uses shade changes to deduce more beauty. Minmetals takes you to appreciate the style of color difference:

In foreign countries, there are four kinds of art for products with chromatic aberration effect. Tiles with similar but not identical colors present a differentiated visual effect, which makes people feel good-looking.

Dark and light color difference

Each tile of the same series has a certain degree of change in color, but the transition is natural after paving, and the overall effect is harmonious and moving.

For antique bricks and cement bricks, this kind of specially made 'color difference' is more common.

Color difference for special effects

Like some products pursuing special effects, there will be traces of whitening and weathering deliberately added on the surface.

Sparse and dense texture

In order to pursue more variable paving effects, the texture distribution of different tiles will also be significantly different. After combined paving, there is also a visual effect of chromatic aberration.

The wood-grain bricks that pursue color difference are more romantic and natural.

Color difference paving

The effect is more natural

If the texture of each piece of brick is exactly the same, it will be different and beautiful. Especially some linear tiles, the effect is very abrupt:

Do you like this kind of color-difference products?

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