Determine the installation height of the bathroom mirror headlight

The bathroom is a place where we can take a bath and relax every day when we go home from get off work, so the decoration and self-heating of the bathroom cannot be sloppy. Choosing a unique style mirror lamp can not only bring the lighting effect to our bathroom, but also show it. The owner’s unique taste, but many owners do not have too much energy to buy in the face of the dazzling array of products on the market. At this time, we need our owners to do their homework first, so today I will focus on the knowledge of household mirror headlights. Let's make a remedy for everyone! One trick to help you determine the installation height of the bathroom mirror headlight When decorating the house, you should first consider the approximate location of the bathroom fittingscabinet and the cbm mirror, so that we can determine the approximate location of the level reserved. , Then how about the height? Generally, if you install a bathroom cabinet, the mirrors are on the top of the bathroom fittingscabinet, so the highest position of the mirror is about 1.7 meters to 1.8 meters, because the mirrors have a certain height Yes, so do not exceed 1.8 meters when reserving the front light line of the cbm mirror. Some people often put the reserved line at a position of 2 meters, and the mirror cannot cover the line, which will affect the overall appearance of our room. The color matching of the mirror lamp: It is used for dressing up the lighting in front of the mirror. The color can be matched according to the style of the bedroom, which is more arbitrary. The mirror headlights used in the bathroom generally use anti-fog mirror headlights. At this time, the light of the front light of the anti-fog cbm mirror is mostly white or yellow. White is a versatile color, and black is the most classic, and it can also be matched with other colors to create a different fashionable color space. The yellow is luxurious and elegant, with other bathroom products of the same color, such as brown bathroom cabinets, pale yellow marble basins, etc., to create an elegant bathroom space.
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