Do you know the difference between polished glazed and polished tiles?


Fully polished glazed tiles are different from ordinary polished tiles. The glaze on the surface is a special crystal wear-resistant glaze. After high-temperature sintering, the molecules are completely sealed with almost no gaps, which can maintain high brightness for a long time. It is not dim, hard and wear-resistant, making the tiles brighter, and making the house brighter and more magnificent during decoration.

Applicable scope of fully polished glazed tiles

Living room, bedroom, study; or lobby floor, wall, column, elevator room, aisle in the hotel; and then to the wall of office building Fully polished glazed floor tiles such as dry surface hanging, reception desk image wall, elevator lobby wall and floor, etc. can be done with ease.

Specifications of fully polished glazed tiles

Generally, the size specifications of fully glazed polished tiles are: 250×300mm, 300×300mm, 300×400mm, 300×450mm, 300×500mm, 300×600mm, 400×400mm, 500×500mm, 600×600mm, 600x900 1000x1000mm, etc., the thickness is about 10mm.

Fully polished glaze tile process

Fully polished glaze is an underglaze color, and its green body process is similar to ordinary glazed floor tiles. The main difference is that it is applied after the base glaze is applied. For printing, apply a layer of transparent top glaze. After firing, part of the entire top glaze is thrown away, leaving a portion of the top glaze layer, printing layer, and base glaze.

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