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The washbasin is our common sanitary ware and plays an important role in our lives. Have you ever noticed this inconspicuous item? So today we will show you what materials the washbasin has. 1. Popularization-ceramics is the most common material for basins. It has many varieties, mature craftsmanship, smooth and meticulous surface, dirt-resistant, easy to clean, and affordable. The colors are mainly white, green, black, and blue. Color and other colors. Pure white ceramic basins without patterns are the most common, but there are also various simple or complex patterns. The shape is mainly oval, semi-circular, and square, with relatively few changes. Ceramic basins with a variety of colors and patterns. When choosing ceramic basins, touch the surface with your hands, or observe the reflection of the surface under strong light, to feel or observe the smoothness of the surface, especially the corners and other details. Generally, the smoother the surface The smoother, the more dirt-resistant, the better it will be cleaned up. At the same time, don't forget to screen for defects such as pinholes, trachoma, and cracks. In addition, you can also look at the water absorption rate of the product in the product manual. The lower the water absorption rate (the water absorption rate of high-end products is generally less than 3%, and the water absorption rate of some big-name products is as low as 0.5%), the more difficult the surface is. Deformation and cracking occurred. 2. Artificial stone Artificial stone can be made into basins of various shapes, colors and patterns, and has various colors, high smoothness, light weight, corrosion resistance, strong anti-shock ability, very versatile, and relatively wide application. However, its price is relatively high, and its high temperature resistance is still open for discussion. A certain pure acrylic basin is priced at 1551. The acrylic basin has a lot of shapes and colors, but the disadvantage is that it has poor scratch resistance, and the market reflects that the color acrylic has a problem of fading and the price is high. 3. Marble Basins made of marble are generally slightly larger in shape, simple and bright in style, and good in scratch resistance, but marble is radioactive, which is not good for human health; it is not flexible and easy to crack when hit by heavy blows; it is expensive. 4. Metal basins are generally designed as above counter basins, with simple and changeable shapes, high metal color saturation, and very texture. However, metal has a problem of rust, and family bathrooms are rarely used. 5. Stainless steel The stainless steel washbasin is very modern, looks cold and has personality. Although stainless steel has strong stain resistance and is easy to clean, it is widely used in the kitchen and is basically not seen in the bathroom. It should be because of its appearance. Compared with ceramics, the color and texture of stainless steel do not seem to match the bathroom. 6. The glass is made of toughened glass as the main material. It has rich shapes, diverse colors, scratch and wear resistance, strong stain resistance, and convenient cleaning. Withstand the relatively high temperature of 80℃), it is easy to burst in low temperature weather and high temperature~~ The glass basin with wooden countertops makes the bathroom/hotel toilet supplier look crystal clear. It looks a bit...not so high-end~~ Source: If you choose a glass basin for the network, choose a basin with uniform color, no bubbles, and a smooth surface. 7. Cement, etc. In an industrial-style home, the use of cement-based basins can show the temperament of the petty bourgeoisie~~To sum up: the white ceramic bench-top basins and integrated basins are the most widely selected types of basins at present, when you buy Touch it (whether it is flat and smooth) and check it (whether there are pinholes, trachoma, cracks, etc.). Other metal, glass and other materials, frame-type, wall-mounted basins, etc. are all products that are more personalized, so you can consider them if you like. Comparison of various forms of washbasins in various dimensions, and more sanitary ware related information, welcome to consult on the official website of Fujian Minmetals CBM.
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