Does diamond tile have radiation?


As we all know, marble and other stones have a certain degree of radiation, so does the effect of such a lifelike simulation stone of diamond tiles also have radiation? In fact, the company strictly controls the production of diamond tiles, and also enters the government quality inspection before leaving the factory. The department inspects and issues inspection reports, so the amount of radiation is very small and will not cause any harm to the human body. But if you buy substandard products, radiation problems will slowly appear. When buying diamond tiles, many consumers will sell some fake and inferior products to consumers if they encounter some illegal vendors. Such unqualified products may exceed the standard of a material in the ceramic production process. There will be some radiation, if it is used for a long time, it will cause a great threat to health, especially for children or the elderly, the impact is relatively large!

Diamond tiles are to solve the problem of the overall wear-resistant glazed tiles , Waterproof ripple and other technical problems introduced a product. Diamond tile is a kind of glaze with the same molecular composition as the hardness of diamond. After two high-temperature sintering, it has good performance of high wear resistance, scratch resistance and enamel. At the same time, the diamond tiles have good flatness, zero water ripples, and realistic stone effects.

Characteristics of diamond tiles:

1, 0 water ripple. Double firing technology, DS crystallized glaze multiple polishing process, 1180 degrees high temperature, double fire, eliminating water ripples, the surface is harder and smoother, showing a mirror effect, like a diamond shining, giving people a kind of luxurious experience.

2, 0 suction dirt. The mature secondary sintering technology makes the diamond bottom harder, the physical properties are more stable, and it is more difficult to absorb dirt. The DS crystal glaze multiple glazing process again effectively reduces the intrusion of dirt. The unique 360-degree glazing technology makes the product 360-degree anti-pollution and completely eliminates the product's suction phenomenon. It can be used for longer and still elegant.

3, super wear-resistant. Diamond is super wear-resistant due to its unique multi-layer glazing process. The special glaze layer of crystal glaze is thicker than ordinary ones, and it is more durable. It is no longer afraid of furniture scratches, and it can always maintain its early appearance despite long-term use.

4, high brightness. Diamond glaze is made of DS crystal glaze with higher crystallinity and higher light transmittance. The glaze is repeatedly used to make the product obtain higher brightness. The surface brightness of more than 103, like a mirror is flat, bright, and shiny like a diamond, which not only makes the application space more spacious and bright, but also more luxurious

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