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Elegant life, light luxury live a good time

Elegant life, light luxury live a good time


Light luxury is an attitude towards life  

Light luxury is the designer's new definition of modern simple life  

Light luxury is a kind of delicacy, is a kind of French elegant feelings  

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Whether it's walking through the Louvre,  

Or strolling down the beautiful and wide Champs-Elysees,  

Design comes from life, and instead of creating a ubiquitous "style,"  

We prefer to introduce some modern home decoration aesthetic, the elements of living and the essence of French integration.  

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The popularity of light luxury industrial style has the elegant style of Paris, so that the flexible design collocation can also maximize the personality, meet the different styles of home furnishing solutions, the perfect combination of classic charm and modern taste.  

Persian grey marble as the design model, soft and elegant tone, luxurious and generous, very classical beauty and royal style, rich color structure, the color is moist and delicate, charming luster reflects its noble and elegant quality.  

Applicable style: light luxury, simple European, new Chinese style, modern  

Applicable space: living room, bedroom large area diamond shop, shop;  SLATE surface and small concave and convex surface wall, natural feeling strong, with polished surface (natural surface) under the ground, classic harmony.  

No.1 Living Room

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The gray light surface flooring material types is straight spread on the ground, matched with diamond sofa carpet brick, rich sense of layering, with matte bosko gray background wall, create modern style fashion beauty, create a popular light gray space.  


No.2 Kitchen

cbm industry-3.jpg

Diamond shop floor, with single heavy wave line, to create a simple European style low-key luxury.  



No.3 Bathroom

cbm industry-4.jpg

Whole brick next ground, go up a wall, tie-in square wash one's hands basin, mirror, condense makes new Chinese style style.  


cbm industry-5.jpg

Light luxury industrial style is an extremely simple style. It abandons the luxury in the traditional sense, simplifies the decoration, and returns to its original simplicity. At the same time, it gives people the feeling of fashion avant-garde, elegant temperament, warm and comfortable.  

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