Encountered such ancient Jinman tiles, I refused to 'Ge You Lie'


Whether you are in a busy metropolis or a small, leisurely city, having a study of your own will allow you to find your own world again. Today we will take a look at the charm of Minmetals ceramic tiles when they are used in the study.

The study room with strong lighting can always give people a bright and hearty feeling. The natural light infiltrates the space to make the space look tidy and powerful. With the placement of wood grain bricks on the wall, it undoubtedly adds a bit of elegance.

The fusion of antique wood grain and classic home decoration is dignified and quiet. Read a book, sip a cup of tea, and experience the tranquility brought by reading.

Minmetals wood grain brick PM920014

Warm yellow lights are projected on the floor tiles. Compared to the bustling night market with street lights, the gentleness you feel at this moment may be especially precious to you.

The fawn style with a few decorations is particularly harmonious with the white tiles. There is a little bit of agility in the simplicity, which makes people try to catch and pursue.

I like antique tiles, and I never need a reason. A ray of sunshine is spreading, with a little warmth, a table and a chair are enough to be stable.

Pursue the taste of nature and return to nature. Isn’t it true that people miss the original colors? The pursuit of comfort is the pursuit.

Cement bricks with tatami-style decoration remind you of the past years of hard work.

The simple collocation of the main white, slightly European style, makes people feel clean and tidy, shouldn't you sit down and work?

The world of wood grain bricks is always so elusive. If you take a good look at the books on the shelf, you may understand.

Light gray wood grain, simple. Even if you don't have a desk, it can't stop your urge to learn. Like it turns out to be so real and so beautiful.

Minmetals PM920011

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