Five steps you must know to install a toilet

Nowadays, the popularity of toilets is becoming wider and wider. Nowadays, toilets are generally purchased and installed at home. However, omissions in the installation process will directly affect our daily lives. It is impossible for the construction staff to sit around and increase supervision and control is the right way. The editor here brings you a detailed analysis of the toilet installation steps, and teaches you to be a qualified monitor. It doesn't hurt to do it yourself when necessary. Step 1 Actually, I tell the truth, the toilet installation is actually very simple, not very difficult. Before installing the toilet, be sure to check thoroughly to see if the drainage pipe of the sewer is unobstructed and whether the place where the toilet is installed is level. If it is not level, then level it when installing the toilet. In addition, a large section of the sewer pipe opening of the toilet is generally reserved, and the excess pipe is cut short, leaving about 3mm above the ground. Also, check whether the size of the hotel toilet supplier you bought matches the reserved space in your home. After these checks are completed, the toilet can be installed. After step 2 is determined, make a mark on the toilet drain pipe and sewer drain pipe, determine the installation position of the toilet, drill a hole with an electric drill, and bury the expansion screw in it. Then install a sealing ring on the sewage outlet of the toilet, and install glue or grout on the sewage pipe to ensure that sewage does not seep out. These steps are to test your knowledge of the toilet and the position of the toilet. Only if you understand it will it be convenient for you to install the toilet. After completing the above steps, do not worry and take your time. Step three toilet installation method The third step is to align the toilet drainage pipe you marked with the sewer drainage pipe, install the toilet on the toilet, install a ring of sealing ring, or glass glue on the bottom of the toilet, to ensure that the toilet is safe The pipe can be matched with the nozzle of the sewer, and it is stable. After this super important two-step installation is completed, the following follow-up work is simple. Do you think that the introduction of the editor is very simple, as long as you understand the internal structure of the toilet, these are just small knowledge. Step 4 The hotel toilet supplier installation method The fourth step is to install the toilet parts or accessories. Screw the screws on the installation place of the toilet, install and adjust the accessories of the water tank, and connect the water pipe in the bathroom. Before that, be sure to check whether the water valve switch in your home is normal. Check whether the toilet water pipe connected to the water valve is normal, whether the length is long enough, etc., when installing the water pipe, it must be tight and free of leakage. Leakage to prevent water leakage when pumping. Although only some small details, but the details determine the quality of the installation. The last step of step five is also a simple and easy step. The installation of the toilet is basically completed at this time. The rest of the time is to debug the toilet to see if the drainage pipe is unblocked, whether it is blocked, and whether it can be pumped normally. In addition, if there are still some problems during the debugging process, You can refer to the manual for repairs. The general toilet installation manual can explain in detail every possible problem and the solution when the toilet is installed.
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