Floor tiles interior decoration rules


On the walls and floors of the home decoration, in order to meet the main requirements of beauty and easy cleaning, it is inevitable to seek the feeling of slow waves and fashion trends. In fact, it is not difficult to make floor tiles fashionable through a few small life tricks. Through a few small life tricks, the floor tiles are also fashionable.

The implicit fashion trend of antique ceramic products is mainly the choice of materials. Floor tiles have a variety of materials, which can be divided into polished glazed tiles, whole body tiles, and polished tiles. , Vitrified tiles and mosaics. Among them, the mosaic is small and colorful, so it is easy to decorate and design in the small indoor space of the bathroom to reflect the good atmosphere. Among them, glass mosaic is more noticeable.

In the public areas of a large area such as the restaurant kitchen and the entire living room, the priority is the matte polished glaze Brick, it can also produce 'fashion trend' fruit. At this stage, more and more products are equipped with colorful matt polished glazed tiles for customers to choose from. Generally speaking, female friends are interested in color matching that is very transparent, like the light color series of Minmetals floor tiles, which are as gorgeous as fresh fruits, while male friends prefer the implicit fashion trend of dark color series. Sense, but also full of Italian characteristics.

Decorative design of flower-shaped floor tiles. In addition, we must rely on the decorative design of flower-shaped floor tiles, so that we often see that the fruit of Meilun Meihuan in the model house is often refreshed by a few pieces of creative design innovation, unique and fresh and refined ceramic tiles. In this regard, let us definitely mention Minmetals floor tiles. Floor tile styles are mostly created by different interior designers. Different design style products are created by different interior designers. The various design styles imported to the Chinese mainland account for the limited sale of various design styles. Ceramic tiles are not only floor tiles, but more and more crafts have a good atmosphere. If you want to save some coin purses, Minmetals floor tiles can also be fully considered.

There must be a core concept of 'decorative design' of floor tiles. More importantly, there must be the core concept of 'decorative design' of floor tiles. A piece of wall brick looks very beautiful individually: the background color is simple and the pattern design is gorgeous. But after repeated paving and pasting on a wall in rows, it is often dazzling, disorganized, and the visual impact is too strong. Therefore, the choice of floor tiles should also be reported as the starting point of 'decorative design'. Customers can also imitate the store model with a shaped legend, or choose to let the store design the fruit according to your creative design and give industry suggestions and inquiries. There are more and more shops offering such information consultation.

One more thing that should be fully considered is whether the floor tile fashion trend can match your overall stylish home, and whether it can bring your own distinctive and unique personality characteristics. As long as it solves the old traditional style of blindly following the trend and singular procurement and management of floor tiles, 'floor tiles are also fashionable' only requires customers to spend a little more time on legend previews and style inquiries, and more effort in designing and overall coordination.

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