For the transportation of bathroom mirrors, how to ensure that the fragile mirrors will not be damaged during transportation?

Since the mirror is fragile, the inner packaging and outer packaging of the mirror are particularly important in order to prevent damage during transportation. What is inner packaging? It is the packaging inside the carton when the mirror is packed into the carton, and the outer packaging is the packaging outside the carton after the mirror is installed. After the bathroom fittingsand bathroom mirrors are produced, they will first be pasted with a protective film. For square mirrors, safety corners will be placed around to protect the safety of the four corners. Then put the foam at the bottom of the carton, put the mirror in the carton, and spread the foam around the mirror. Or use pearl cotton to protect the cbm mirror. In addition to these inner packaging. In order to better protect the safety of the mirror and the outer packaging, the two most common outer packagings are packing straps and wooden frames on the outside of the carton. Generally, the mirrors that are sent separately will be put on a wooden frame. After the inner packaging and outer packaging, there is a problem of transportation. There is also a choice regarding transportation. Because of the fragility issue, the mirror will generally be sent out by logistics instead of express. The closest ones will be transported directly by vans or small vehicles, and those with large quantities will be transported directly by a large truck. The above article is from CBM. CBM smart bathroom fittingsmirror, accompany you smart every day. Want to know more about smart bathroom fittingsmirrors.
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