Foshan Ceramic Tile teaches you how to distinguish polished tiles and polished glazed tiles!


Interlace is like a mountainI still can’t tell the difference between polished tiles and polished glazed tiles. Today, I will show you the difference between these two types of tiles~

If you look at the surface, polish The surface of the brick and the polished glazed tile are both bright and atmospheric, and it is impossible to distinguish it. Let’s take a look at what is a polished tile and what is a polished glazed tile~

Polished tiles are direct Polishing and polishing are performed on the fired whole-body brick. Because the surface of the newly fired brick has a layer of uneven and closed small bubbles, many manufacturers will add a layer of antifouling layer and water wax on it. The surface texture is relatively single and the color is monotonous.

Polished glazed tiles are very similar to polished tiles, except that printing and glazing are added on the basis of polished tiles, and the glazed patterns are rich , Colorful, smooth and bright.

Then everyone is going to ask, which kind of brick will have better antifouling performance?

Because there is a layer of small bubbles on the surface of polished tiles, it is easy to trap dirt. Even if the manufacturer adds a layer of antifouling layer on it, the life span is not very long, and the surface of polished tiles is printed and glazed. , So there are no small pores, so in terms of anti-fouling properties, polished glaze tiles are slightly better.

But polished tiles are directly polished on the tile, so Very tough and wear-resistant, and polished glazed tiles have a layer of glaze on the surface, which is thin and bright, so in terms of wear resistance, polished tiles will be better~

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