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Full-body marble tiles are still relatively common in home decoration, and many owners will choose it as a facing material for walls and floors.

1. Beautiful and generous appearance

Marble tiles have natural texture and color to meet people's requirements for beautiful homes, but the internal structure of marble tiles It is very different from natural marble, its green body is not in harmony with the surface, and the decorative effect is still lacking. The whole body marble tiles are produced in pursuit of making the color and texture of the body consistent with the surface effect, so it has been favored by the majority of decoration owners.

8FD705-Negative ion full-body marble tiles-800*800

2. The surface and the inside are the same

The whole body marble tiles are the same, in the processing process Coloring technology is added to make the bottom of the tile and the surface of the tile form a uniform or roughly uniform color, which is why the whole body marble tile is so sought after. Its coloring technology is to feed different colors of color materials directly into the feeder through independent channels to achieve the combination of the base material and the color material, and ensure the vividness of the matching colors of the brick surface and the brick. The multi-channel coloring, three-dimensional cloth technology, special glazed glaze effect net technology, etc. make the surface effect more realistic, and the texture of the body is closer to natural stone.

8FD708-Negative ion full-body marble tiles-800*800

3. Wide application

Although traditional marble tiles are beautiful, but If you use it to decorate the wall, you need to go through deep processing such as chamfering and edging, so its space application is greatly restricted. At present, most of the glazed tiles can not be used as skirting boards, wave lines, or some special corner decorations, but the whole body marble tiles can solve this problem well. Therefore, its application is wider than some common ceramic tiles.

8FD716-Negative ion full-body marble tiles-800*800

4. The market is large

The full-body marble tiles are widely used. In addition, the customer response is quite good, so its market share is gradually expanding. Although the current full-body marble tiles have certain technical thresholds, they are all positive in terms of product profit, so its market opportunities and future are very promising.

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