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Frameless kitchen cabinets with all kitchen cabinet accessories included popular design

Frameless kitchen cabinets with all kitchen cabinet accessories included popular design
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45 days after deposit
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10 Sets

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Production Description

Our corporate vision is: continue to improve product performance, improve product quality and production capacity, improve service levels and sales capabilities, become an influential brand-name in Kitchen cabinet area .

Material Advantages

Below are the comparisions

The function of waterproof/Anti-termite/Easy to clean

  1. The function of waterproof:Our panels use edge banding for all sides to enhance waterpoof.And it not  very easy to rot even after long time soaked in water.
  2. Anti-termite:Our plates are dealt with special  anti-termite coating ,let termites turn away from them .
  3. Easy to clean:The panels are very easy to clean since the surface are finished by special craft.Just need to wipe lightly can make your kitchen be new!

Best seuer colors

There are so many kinds seuer colors for your choose.Any need,pls feel free to contact us.

Door production process

Eight Knife Machine Carving:

The machine we use to carve is 8 knifes Carving Machine.Using this machine can carve fine and nice patterns than other normal machine.


Overall mechanical polishing:

The advantages of polishing by machinet is making sure the plates smooth,glossy and uniform.Also i can reduce mistake when operating,enhance effectiveness,and ensure the quality.


Polish Details Manually:

Some place the machine cannot reach,we polish it manually,try our best to make it smooth like nature itself.


No-dust Workshop:

The process of painting is very important,because a little dust will destroy the operation,making the finish imperfect,then affect the quality because of the dust.


Brand Hardware Accessories

Using International Brand DTC hardware accessories with strong Loading capacity.This brand hardware is durable,smooth,anti-rusty,and high quality.

Brand plate

Using  International Brand Plate,durable and no-cracking,with safe guarantee.

Material PK


PK points

Digital Cutting VS Hand Cutting Machine

Seamless joint  VS  Seam joint

Hand cutting machine is hard to control the date of plates,which makes the plates irregular on size after cutting.However digital cutting is more precise than hand cutting machine,which can ensure no slit during splicing the plates.

The seamless joint of our cabinets aovid the damage and lost of important documents.And the probaility is very smaller compared seam joint.



Moisture-proof sticker VS Normal Screw

Plate with Lable VS Plate without Lable

The only place cannot seal well is the hole of screw,so i become a weakness of moisture-proof board.For this reason,we are specialized in making the Moisture-proof Sticker to seal the hole of screw,which is not only beautiful,but also prolong the time of using.

Every plate has its own lable in our company,telling the clients what plates assemble the whole cabinet.The lable can make is easy and convenient in installation.With this Lable,you also can DIY easily.

Marble colors selection

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