Frameless mirror in smart bathroom mirror

mirrors can be divided into framed mirrors and rimless mirrors according to the difference between whether they have an outer frame or not. A framed mirror is a mirror with an outer frame, and a rimless mirror is a cbm mirror without an outer frame. Most of the current rimless glasses are made of rimless glasses, and rimless glasses are much more expensive than rimmed glasses. This is different from the rimless mirror in the smart bathroom mirror. In the smart bathroom mirror, if an outer frame is added to the rimless bathroom mirror, the price will become a bit more expensive. And although there are rimless mirrors and rimmed mirrors in the bathroom mirrors, there is very little to say. They are not divided into rimless glasses and rimmed glasses like glasses. Generally, smart bathroom fittingsmirrors without outer frames are used to be called LED bathroom mirrors or LED bathroom fittingsmirrors, or simply referred to as bathroom mirrors and bathroom fittingsmirrors. The framed mirrors in bathroom mirrors are also called stainless steel framed bathroom mirrors (bathroom mirrors), solid wood framed bathroom mirrors (bathroom mirrors) and so on.
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