Fujian Minmetals Building Materials Co., Ltd. teaches you four steps to get a shower faucet

There are four steps to install the shower faucet:

1. Find the eccentric joint of the stainless shower faucet, and connect it to the pre-buried outlet pipe joint. Note that the distance between the eccentric joint and the outlet on the wall should be controlled at about 15cm.

2. The second step is to assemble the main body of the exposed head and the outlet pipe of the main body. At this time, wrap the threads with raw material tape, and then place the main body faucet at the outlet with screws butt fixed.

3. In the third step, install the faucet rod and faucet together on the eccentric joint, and pay attention to sealing the nut behind the faucet and the middle of the eccentric joint.

4. The last step is to install the top spray of the faucet on the elbow position at the top of the faucet rod, and then use a stainless steel hose to connect the faucet body and the handheld faucet.

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